This report is documented on the key points from the deliberations, in the Anganbari center supported by the Tata Power Community Development Trust and organized by Rah Society at Tiruldih and choura, Kukru, Saraykela-Kharsawa District. Consequently the project is designed to improve government’s interventions in areas such as healthy pregnancy, timely and exclusive breastfeeding, appropriate diet and care, personal hygiene with particular focus on the 0-6 age group; investing in behavior change communications; empowering communities to demand and receive better quality child development and nutrition services; and increasing the technical efficiency of public resources under ICDS by strengthening the systems and achieving better multisectoral coordination with other health programs.

General Objectives
Highlights of project

The concept of providing a package of services is based primarily on the consideration that the overall impact will be much larger if the different services develop in an integrated manner as the efficacy of a particular service depends upon the support it receives from related services.

  • Create community linkages to increase awareness about the importance and quality of Childhood education and care such that the impact is sustainable in the longer term
  • Health care of children less than six years of age
  • To bring back the dropout students
  • Progress report on mobilization of villagers and AWWs meeting
  • Customize progress report on enrolment, attendance and improvement assessment etc