Education (Tech):

The computer center supported by the Mathon Power Limited, organized by Rah Society at Palarpur, Nirsa, Dhanbad This ambitious project aims at giving free computer education and computer based education to the students of government schools, who come from rural and economically weaker sections of the society, thereby enhancing the quality of education being given to them.
We have a vision of creating an enabling environment of equal opportunities and access to information and development alternatives encouraging communities, especially the poor and marginalized to take informed decisions.
Objectives of the Project:
  • To enable the students to gain computer education and to understand its applications.
  • To enhance the learning levels of the students in curricular subjects through computer aided education using multimedia software CDs.
  • To introduce students to the opportunities of world of computer.
  • To enable the students to understand the basics of computer programming.
  • To introduce students to the speedy communications network of media of e – mail and the internet.
  • To train rural youth in the use of computers after school hours.
  • To provide opportunities to the entire community to use computers.
  • To provide effective learning environment for children through Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools
  • Capacity building of teacher for effective Teaching-Learning Process by using Information and Computer Technology tools

Aim of the Project:
  • Create community linkages to increase awareness about the importance and quality of education such that the impact is sustainable in the longer term
  • Mobilization of villagers and parents towards digital environment and increase the awareness on the useful use of computer and digital technology.
  • Increase the employment opportunity for the rural students and youths in the IT field. Thus also to increase the enrolment, attendance and improvement quality education through audio visual method.

The program got officially inaugurated by MPL Station Head, Mr. Sabyasachi Mukherjee on 24/06/2014 in presence of the MPL authorities like CR Head - Mritunjay Ray, IT Officer - Ashok Lal where present on the Village authorities, District education authorities, School authorities and the community people.
On this occasion Mr. Sabyasachi Mukherjee said, “Computer education is very essential in today’s world. Today every work is accomplished through computer. Students from rural areas cannot compete due to lack of computer education. We will try to help them compete with the urban students”. Mr. Ashim Ghosh, Principal of UMV Palarpur said “computer literacy will help them to succeed in competitive examination”.

Computer Coaching Classes:
This annual report is subjected on the key points on how to intro with the subject computer and computer system so, that each and every one should be familiar with the word computer. Today’s world computer software is necessary to interact with rapid moving people and their mind.
Some key points are as follow:

Beneficiary Details :
  • Students strength-total student in computer coaching class are three hundred twelve (312).
  • Among these two hundred fifty-three are schools students (253) and fifty-nine (59) students are from adult youth computer class.
  • Total no of boys: 173, Total no of girls: 139, we cover 312 students in our center.104 belong to SC category, 12 belong to ST category, 149 belong to OBC category and remaining 47 students belong to general category. Total 24 villages are covered in our computer center.
Activity Details :
  • To provide audio-visual classes to make them understand properly and make them entertain in the classes.
  • Theory classes are conducted and written in the blackboard after that practical classes are given to do in the system to clear their doubt and also for practicing in the class.
  • After analysis there is monthly computer test of theory as well as practical.
  • For youth classes- to show them how to give online exams and to fill up forms whenever it is needed.
  • To arrange batches according to their classes so that there should not be any difficulties arises in explanation process.
Achievements :
  • Keeping in view the demand of the students we are also providing interview classes for the interested students. In this regard, the student Rahul Gorain R/O- Kusumkanali. He passed ALP and Technicians.
  • In circle of last five years we have cover one thousand five hundred (1500) student and made them eligible for working in the system.
  • While we started our project, there were approximately 25% of students but till date there is increase in percentage up to 65% of students.
  • There were also private school students who used to join our classes for learning computer.
  • We became successful in teaching computer in village area and this is our great achievement.